GOLD CREEK Galloway Stud  ~   Located  in  HISTORIC  BRAIDWOOD Southern NSW

                                                                                                      ~   STUD OWNERS: PAMELA ROBINSON  &  SUZANNE BAKER

GOLD CREEK Stud Cattle in the Show Ring

We now have established breeders coming to our GOLD CREEK stud to purchase our cattle for their stud breeders and their future show ring performers, and we couldn't be happier. After years of steep learning curves and not always being sure we were on the right track, this vote of confidence in the quality of our cattle is very reassuring.

Our little ones have always been ideal for first-time livestock owners, but now we have experienced breeders coming to us too. Many want proven cows or heifers to improve their herd. Some breeders are looking for bulls with good blood lines to introduce to their herd. Others are breeders with many show ring successes to their name, and they are looking for cattle that will perform well in the show ring for them. 

Show ring

Speaking of breeders with show ring success, Marg and Bob Kidd purchased one of our bulls, GOLD CREEK Kincaide when he was only three months old. The Kidd's had their cattle fitter Bert Barras travel to us in Queensland to inspect Kincaide for them. We watched fascinated as Bert spent an entire afternoon putting Kincaide through his paces. When Bert gave him the big 'thumbs up' we all enjoyed a celebratory drink (Kincaide included).

Kincaide left for his new home in the southern climes of NSW in November 2014. The long trip and the chemicals at the tick gates set him back for a week or so, but Marg and Bob made sure he was back on track pretty quickly.

Kincaide was acclimatised and ready to go to Canberra in February 2015 for his first show outing. Marg, Bob, and Bert were very pleased with his performance and now expect great things from him as he matures.

Unable to enter the show ring ourselves we have great respect for the stud breeders who do show miniature cattle. We well understand the time, expense, travel and sometimes sheer exhaustion involved. Showing your miniatures is an enjoyable experience, and the camaraderie between the Australian Galloway Association members at the shows make it all sorts of fun for everyone involved.

Kincaide show ring

Bert Barras is leading GOLD CREEK Kincaide around the show ring at the 2015 Royal Canberra Show.

We look forward to seeing Kincaide grow into a magnificent mature bull and eagerly anticipate news of his performances in both the show ring and the paddock.

Breeding Heifers

Our full blood and purebred heifers are going into calf easily at between 18 and 30 months of age, and most successfully calve well before they are three.

huggie purebred calf

Huggie with her purebred calf GOLD CREEK Kismet in late 2014 just before she weaned her. Huggie will calve again in 2015.

Breeding Bulls

Our full blood bulls are small, docile and highly fertile. We are finding that these little bulls have a very high sperm count and that they are sexually mature at a young age. 

1-banjo weaning ring

GOLD CREEK Banjo being weaned. As you can see, his Mum hasn't lost an ounce of condition raising this little bull. Mum has calved and weaned a calf again. Banjo is now working hard for his new owners.

It is our hope that increasing numbers of Miniature Galloway stud owners will also consider us when they are looking for cattle for the show ring and for improving the quality of their herds.



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